Flowers of Joy

Exhibition at Rountree Tryon Galleries

14 – 25 May 2024

In London and then in Petworth

Flowers of Joy

14-05-2024 to 25-05-2024

Rountree Tryon Galleries

“It is the life and spirit of each particular flower that interests me. The feeling that each flower inspires as we cherish and behold it’s individual character and beauty. So for me they are my selected favourite, FLOWERS OF JOY.” William Garfit

In 2020 during Covid Lockdown, although Will could not travel, this was the opportunity to paint a new subject, his favourite flowers, as had been his ambition for fifty years.

The challenge of painting wild flowers could be achieved in his studio, going no further than the garden and his wildlife reserve.

First the wild cherry, then primroses caught his eye and as spring evolved into summer, there was an ever exciting sequence of special and beautiful subjects crying out to be painted. These were arranged in his studio in bottles or jars or planted temporarily in a pot.

He was keen to exhibit the paintings as a collection and is delighted to do so in this extensive exhibition.

Flowers of Joy Exhibition, London & Petworth